Bryant Park Coffee Tour!

Join us as we break open our summer tour series with a coffee tour of Bryant Park!  Bryant Park has recently broken out in a rash of great coffee!  In addition to great coffee inside Grand Central, La Colombe, Culture Espresso, Blue Bottle, Zibetto, and BlueStone Lane have all begun to brew within a block or two. Don’t forget Oren’s Daily Roast is only a block away too!

We will meet at the Bryant Park fountain at 10am, Saturday, May 19th to begin our tour.

Expect to learn the background of some of these roasters.  I will also be leading a discussion around the various coffees we taste in terms of acidity, sweetness, acidity, and body.

Afterwards, Angels Cup Coffee Subscription service, will be leading us through a palette-challenging fruit tasting in Bryant Park.

Consider joining the NYC Coffee Hunters group and RSVP here.




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