Bluestone Lane: Midtown Coffee Guide

Bluestone Lane Coffee in Midtown just north of Bryant Park shines out from a stout glass cube dwarfed by mirrored skyscrapers.

The Basics

Six words or less: Australian quality, Friendly Locals, Unusual Treats

Location: 114 6th ave, between 42nd and 43rd behind International Museum of Photography

Hours: Weekdays 6:30am-7pm// Weekends 9am-5pm

Open Since: (November 2014)

Amenities: No bathroom, no wifi, Seating for 8 at bar inside, Seating for 20 at public tables outside

Must Try: Beet or Matcha Latte, Avocado Toast (Smash)

Owner: Nick Stone

Roaster:  John Johnson (Roasting in DUMBO, Brooklyn)

This unique location just north of Bryant Park stands like a gem in a stone-setting of midtown skyscrapers.  Inside you’ll find a somewhat preppy upbeat vibe among coffee shops.  The bright blue of the Bluestone Lane logo and the Australian Coffee Geek menu point to a great experience that feels less exposed brick Scandinavian minimalism and more Beach town.

I was urged by the chambray blue, hyper-smiling workers there to try their beet root latte.  I know, I know… this is a coffee website!  But, I capitulated and discovered that the sweetness of the steamed milk alongside the dissolved beet root powder created a sort of savory sweetness that I enjoyed.  They sprinkle some cocoa powder on it to further deepen its savory punch.

Because this is an Australian shop, there’s avocado toast and an awesome flat white.  The coffee is quality, but the real impetus for my return to this shop is the location.  It is like Brooks Brother’s preppy sailboats meets Apple Store glass cube.  A great place to spend an hour and escape the nearby commuters of Grand Central or tourists of Times Square: A perfect midtown coffee break!

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