City of Saints Coffee Roasters


City of Saints Coffee Roasters coffee brings coffee geekery, delicious treats and inclusion to the East Village scene.

Location: 79 East 10th Street (near Astor Place–East Village)

Hours: 7-7 Monday-Friday & 8-6 Saturday & 9-5 Sunday

Open Since: Summer 2015

Amenities:  Wifi, 10 bar chairs, 3-10 spots on benches in good weather, no outlets, no bathroom

Must Try: Coconut Rum Pastry from Native Bread and Pastry and Lavender Agave Latte

Owner: Matt Wade

Roaster: (in Bushwick) Jim Osbourne, Head Roaster/Green Coffee Buyer

5 words or less: Balance: inclusive experience, quality coffee

Around the corner from a packed Dim Sum Brunch crowd, freezing on the sidewalk, waiting for seats, I walked into City of Saints beautiful space: black marble, shiny modbar– long skinny East Village outpost.  The long bar and ten chairs were packed with people watching the winter-bundled shuffle along 10th street as the coffee drinkers stayed inside, warmed by the glow of paper star lanterns and carefully crafted lattes.

When meeting with the manager Danielle, she stressed the hard work behind the good intended motto of “drink what you like” and the roaster/shops emphasis on inclusion.  This is a shop that sources its coffee, roasts its coffee–in Bushwick, commissions street artists for the packaging (Mr. Nerds and Dasic Hernandez are two artists credited on some recent bags) and gives out coffee at NYU as well as the Third Street Music Settlement.  Danielle does a monthly coffee cupping as well.

city of saints18

During my visit I tried the Lavender Agave Latte which reminded me just mildly of retro lavender candy chased by a cortado.  I was impressed by the coconut rum pastry which had a smear that reminded me of some kind of caramelized coconut rum flambé.  But what impressed me the most, as it usually does when a shop is really nailing the craft of coffee, was the pour-over.  La Fortuna, a Columbian coffee on offer, was as balanced in acidity and sweetness as a coffee lover could ask for.

In a word, City of Saints, is balanced.  It balances coffee geekery with inclusion, a sleek space with a neighborhood coziness and it is nailing both the pastry and the latte game.

We will be stopping by soon on a neighborhood tour!

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