Ground Central

Who says you have to give up your edgy vibes when you wear a suit and tie to your midtown coffee spot?  Not Ground Central!


Six words or less: NYC Edge, Solid Decor & Snacks

Locations: 3 Midtown Locations (800 Second Ave Between 42nd and 43rd; 155 E. 52nd Between Lexington and 3rd Ave; 888 8th Ave Between 52nd and 53rd) & 1 Spot in the Financial District (2 Coenties Slip)

Open Since: 2013

Must Try: Matcha Latte & Egg Frittata

Owner: Etienne Wiik

Roaster: La Colombe

Immediately upon entering Ground Central, my eyes were drawn to the incredible hand-drawn murals drawn on the walls by Melbourne artist Heesco.  Each location has a mural that dominates one entire wall.  The murals interweave sights and trademarks of New York City and the neighborhoods the shops serve.  Owner Etienne Wiik flies Heesco over from Australia just to create these site-specific pieces of art.

That same level of passion and attention appears everywhere through Ground Central’s shops.  These shops are designed to be a place where you want to hang out with friends or get a bit of work done out of the office.  This location on 52nd street features a large vinyl collection and a backroom library.

The coffee, roasted by Philadelphia-based La Colombe, is a crowd-pleaser and locally-sourced baked goods from the likes of Dough and Blue Sky muffins round out the menu.

This spot if everything you might need to puff up your NYC pride while keeping the hustle alive to pay that rent.

coffee library midtown

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