Day Trip Outside the City: Six Depot Roastery

Six Depot Roasters-2.png


  • Six words or less: Local Roast, Friendly Staff, Expansive Vibe
  • Location: West Stockbridge, MA (on the border of NY State)
  • Hours: 8-4 Everyday
  • Open Since: July 2013
  • Amenities: Bathroom, Seating for 24, Gallery, Kitchen Open Breakfast & Lunch
  • Must Try: Bali Blue Moon Roast

As the winter thaws and the days lengthen, my eyes begin to look outside of the city-cave of the winter to locales where skyscrapers are replaced by towering mountains and trees: The Berkshires.

Just a couple of hours north of New York City, in West Stockbridge, MA, in a spacious naval blue house–an old train station, actually, Six Depot Roasters brew a range of beautiful coffees for all tastes.

We tried four of their single origin roasts that were offered up that day on drip (in order from light to dark):

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: bright, early acidity, tea-like delicate flavor
  • Costa Rican Terratu: floral notes, balanced
  • Bali Blue Moon: amazing strawberry notes, balanced
  • Heart of Darkness (Brazil): dark, sweeter, but also approaching bitter

My favorite…the Bali Blue Moon.  The slightly syrupy early strawberry notes in this roast surprised and delighted me.

Bali Blue MoonIn addition, the aesthetic of this cafe–a sort of rustic, modern, Scandinavian camp site minimalism– echoes the feeling of clean air and openness that a city-dweller seeks in the landscapes of the Berkshires.  If you flee the city for a weekend, you’d be lucky to end up here: a place marked by coffee variety and clean lines of design.



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