Lenox Coffee

  • Six words or less:  Local Roaster, Community Spot, Laptop Friendly
  • Location: 129th Street & Between Fifth Ave & Lenox Ave
  • Hours: Every Weekday 7am-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-7pm
  • Open Since: December 2012
  • Roaster: Owner roaster operating out of Co-op in Red Hook, Pulley Collective
  • Amenities: Wifi, Bathroom, A few outlets, Seating for 20
  • Must try: Cold Brew on Tap or the House Locally Roasted Drip
Lenox Cold Brew On Tap

As a long-time resident (since 2005) of Harlem, I was overjoyed when Lenox Coffee opened  in late 2012 just four blocks up from the major hub at 125 and Lenox (where the 2/3 train stops).  The setting–exposed brick, Edison bulbs, natural wood grain, tiny modern planters, mint green cups– and the coffee–Stumptown‘s own Hair Bender– were just want a bookish, urban coffee lover like me wanted.  Add a side of pastries, small sandwiches and some beer and white to take us into the twilight hours and I had all I needed in a neighborhood shop.

Lenox Coffee remains a favorite even as it evolves.  The shop owner, Jeff Green, has begun roasting his own beans at the Pulley Collective, a shared roasting space in Red Hook.  The single origin Columbian drip that I tried in March was a nice balanced darker roast with a long finish edged in a note of raspberry.


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